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Air and hotel booking

With the Internet awash with countless air and accommodation booking options, the simplest part of your travel planning can be an ordeal. We know which flights work best with your travel itinerary, and which hotel better suits your style. When booking with Pomalo, your accommodation is handpicked for you, whether it's a hotel, an all-inclusive resort, an eco-lodge, or a vacation home. It’s simple, we choose the best.

Designing complex itineraries
Pomalo offers you a custom-made itinerary to suit your travel aspirations and interests. You could be travelling alone, in a group, or with your family. It could be a road trip in wine country, a romantic weekend in Paris, a luxury train ride across India, Christmas in an Alpine village, or a family retreat that will inspire and entertain a span of generations. Whatever it is, we design your trip down to the finest detail and strive to deliver the perfect experience.

Consultation services
Even if you enjoy planning and booking your own trips yet could still use a little advice, we are here to help. At Pomalo we are happy to share our first hand experiences with you and be your research partner. We can check and follow up on what you’ve found or look further into something for you and recommend more options. We can even design an itinerary without completing any bookings.

Concierge services
Our concierge service is designed to serve clients who have particular needs, which must be prepared for or tended to in advance. You may need to have essential baby supplies in your room or want to take cooking class. You may require a special diet or want a private chef available to prepare the meals at your rented villa or chartered yacht. Whatever it may be, our concierge service is available to take care of all your requests prior to your holiday so that you can arrive at your destination hassle-free. We also make a note of your special requirements for the future.

Gifts registry
If you have a special occasion coming up and you love travel like we do, then why not put travel on your gift registry? Register your name with us and then invite your family and friends to purchase vouchers or credit for you to enjoy a unique experience of your choice. An extravagant dinner, a diving lesson, a skydive, a weekend away, or a full-fledged trip to your dream destination. The choice is all yours. You ask for it, they pay for it, we deliver it. 
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