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Pomalo and You

With Pomalo profiling, your entire trip is custom-made

We look at every element of your trip, from start to finish, and create it around you!

We take the time to get to know you, find out more about what you really want from your holidays, then use this to deliver your experience. We can set you up with the best shows, events, festivals, family entertainment and adventure packages. This is tailor-made travel at its finest! There’s no need to spend hours, even days trying to get every part of your trip together. We do it for you. All you need to do is complete the short profiling questionnaire and we’ll get to work. Click here to customize your own trip. 

We’ve sources you can’t find online

We’re forever on the lookout for special deals, trips, discounts and local events that enhance your holiday. Thanks to our contacts in local restaurants, clubs and hotels  - as well as relationships with major tour companies - we can reach into the communities you'll be visiting, getting you closer to the authentic experiences you're searching for.

We’ve been there, done that, and got the expert information

We’ve done years of travelling and appreciate you need ‘real’ information. So as well as providing personalized itineraries, we’ve added our knowledge to meticulously verified guidebook information. This way you’ve always got the insider knowledge.

We have your back

Our service extends well beyond the flights, hotels, restaurants, cultural events and activities. We are there for you from the start and our support continues throughout your holiday.